Daniel Tomlinson


I’m a software engineer based in London. A lot of my time is spent writing Swift and Objective-C. I also have an infrequently updated blog. Formerly, I wrote for the Guardian.


I am a software engineer who has primarily worked on iOS software since 2008. I really enjoy working on application internals, frameworks, and libraries (such as data persistence, networking, and caching), but am also experienced with UI level development with Auto/manual Layout and CoreAnimation.

I am currently unavailable for iOS consulting until April 2016.

You can find my resume here.

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You can find more projects on GitHub.


Below are a few of the talks I’ve given recently.


Below are a few of the blog posts I’ve published recently.

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If you wish to get in touch, then you can tweet @dantoml, or if it’s more private then email [email protected].