Danielle Tomlinson

Hallo, ich heisse Danielle. Ich bin eine computer-hexe.

I build developer tools at CircleCI, and am a core team member at CocoaPods. I'm also an amateur photographer, speaker, and traveller. I'm also trying to write about my travels.

Open Source

I often contribute to open source projects for fun, work, and to help out the community. Some of my projects can be seen below.



I have 8 years of experience in development of Cocoa(Touch) applications with much of that time being spent on SDKs, networking, and persistence.

I also have 5 years experience with helping client teams to improve their continous integration, testing (XCTest, KIF, Specta, Quick), deployment (TestFlight, HockeyApp, Crashlytics), and build systems (Mostly Xcode, and Make).

I have 20 hours a month available for consulting work that can generally be booked in 5 hour blocks. If you would like to talk about a project, email me [email protected].

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