Danielle Tomlinson

Hallo, ich hei├če Danielle. Ich bin Computer-Hexe und lerne Deustch.

I live in Berlin, where I build developer tools and backend services. I also travel a lot, you can see my current city here.

I'm one of the maintainers of CocoaPods and fastlane where I work on build, deployment, and automation tools for mobile developers.

I work at CircleCI where I work on build tools and infrastructure for macOS, iOS, and android developers.

My GitHub is where you can find some more interesting projects.



I currently have no upcoming talks, but I'd be interested in talking at conferences in Europe or Asia about developer tools, apis, systems design, or ???.


  • - GitHub Satellite 2017: Building interconnected workflows (panel)
  • - CraftConf 2017: Mobile Developer Tools
  • - try! Swift NYC: Swift Performance
  • Find Me!